A Spoonful of Sugar Basket


Every elephant that arrives at sanctuary will need supplementation. Each elephant will be on joint, digestive, anti-inflammatory, supplements and vitamins/minerals for their lives at sanctuary. Many others will need specialized support through medication, supplementation, essential oils, and essences. In order to deliver these important items, we have to make them delicious and this basket is how we do it. Molasses is added to the grain to hide daily supplements but also adds enormous health-boosting qualities of its own. Anything we have to give by nose is followed up with bananas and less palatable supplements are placed inside cored-out apples, topped with peanut butter or med balls made with bran and molasses, and sometimes rolled in froot loops (for those who are extra discerning).

Included are:

  • Molasses
  • Peanut butter
  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Froot Loops

Ongoing need.

You may direct your gift to one of our sanctuary elephants by making a note of their name in the Order Notes during checkout.  Thank you!